The Work

EBCLC follows a Social Indicators of Justice framework that seeks to address the underlying causes of poverty and economic and racial inequality in order to increase justice and improve opportunities in the areas of economic security, education, health and welfare, housing, and immigration.

EBCLC’s approach to this mission is multimodal, collaborative and holistic:

  • Multimodal – employing multiple tactics to serve the mission, including community education, legal counseling and limited-scope representation, wrap-around legal and social services, and local, state, and federal policy advocacy;
  • Collaborative – partnering with legal and social service organizations, as well as institutional stakeholders, to improve the safety net services, expand access and improve outcomes for clients and communities;
  • Holistic – addressing the multitude of barriers to stability low-income people face through a client-centered, problem-solving methodology that increases impact and improves outcomes.

EBCLC’s hope is that through this multimodal, collaborative, holistic approach to serving the mission we provide meaningful client services, impactful and grounded policy advocacy, and far-reaching training for tomorrow’s lawyers and leaders.


Crisis Lawyering During COVID-19:

COVID-19 has amplified inequities that predate the pandemic, and vulnerable clients deserve robust access to how rapidly changing laws affect their economic and physical well-being. EBCLC’s team has led the nation in proactively supporting clients across a suite of complex legal needs. EBCLC will continue to lead the holistic recovery effort needed to heal East Bay communities. Led by the nation’s leading community legal experts, staff who are rooted in the communities they serve, EBCLC’s team of lawyers have quickly adapted to win a number of victories throughout COVID-19.

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