Are you a Berkeley resident that needs rent assistance due to the COVID-19 crisis?

The City of Berkeley provided increased funding to EBCLC’s Berkeley Retention Program in light of the COVID-19 Crisis.

How to Apply:

If you believe you are eligible please call EBCLC at 510-548-4040 and leave a message on extension 695 (dedicated only to Berkeley tenants seeking financial assistance). In your message please state your (1) name, (2) phone number, and (3) that you are a berkeley resident seeking assistance.  Due to the incredibly high volume of calls, an EBCLC staff member will return your in call in 3-5 business days to determine your eligibility. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Eligibility: Below is a list of the eligibility requirements, also listed on the City of Berkeley’s website:

    1. Berkeley resident
    2. You are currently a tenant with a rental agreement
    3. Grant must prevent an eviction or support housing related financial assistance (including but not limited to, rent, future rent, utilities and needed home repairs necessary to health and safety) due to income loss
    4. Household must meet one or more of the following requirements.  You are applying for assistance because of:
        • COVID-19 related financial losses
        • Decrease in income
        • Unexpected medical and/or disability expenses paid without credit
        • Fleeing domestic violence
        • Work-related vehicle expense (vehicle is required for job)
        • Fell behind in rent for other reasons

5. Your household income is currently 80% of Area Median Income or Lower (see chart below)

Documentation Required:

After you are contacted by an EBCLC staff member, you will be asked to provide documentation for this application.  Please begin compiling this documentation now:

    1. Completed Application
    2. Completed Consent Form 
    3. Picture ID/Social Security car for household members over 18
    4. Verification of current income
    5. Documentation of Housing Crisis: This includes a dated Notice of Eviction from landlord stating amount owed for back rent or a letter of verification from landlord stating the amount owed for back rent (requirement waived for COVID-19 related assistance, applicant will provide certification of amount owed if verification from the landlord is not available).
    6. Rental agreement or lease
    7. W-9 Form signed by landlord
    8. Documentation of Need for Assistance: Documentation showing decrease in income, unexpected medical/disability expense, fleeing domestic violence, or work-related vehicle expense, if applicable. An affidavit signed by the applicant is an acceptable form of documentation during the COVID-19 emergency.

Oakland Residents:

  • Contact Catholic Charities on Mondays from 9a -5p at (510) 768-3100 to get screened for eligibility and schedule a phone appointment for that week.
  • Contact Centro Legal de la Raza at (510) 437-1554 to be screened for eligibility.

Alameda County Residents:

  • Contact Catholic Charities on Tuesdays from 9a -11a at (510) 768-3100 to get screened for eligibility.
  • Contact Centro Legal de la Raza at (510) 437-1554 to be screened for eligibility.
  • Contact 211

For more information on our housing legal services please click here or call us at 510-548-4040.

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