Fighting Poverty with Data Mining Tools for Legal Services

“Our advocates utilize a highly diverse set of strategies to fight poverty, and our old system wasn’t set up to track and report on our community outreach, impact litigation, and policy change work,” he says. “For all these reasons, we needed a system that was highly customizable – something that could support our frontline attorneys in managing everything from eviction defense and asylum applications to employment advocacy and business entity formation. We’re really happy to have found all that we need in LegalServer!”

Rents march upward across the Bay Area

Seema Rupani, an attorney with the East Bay Community Law Center, said rents in places like Oakland and Berkeley have risen as more people have left San Francisco for the East Bay, pushing out longtime residents, particularly African Americans. “The rent is just impossible,” Rupani said, adding that displacement has also meant “loss of community.”

Dear Friend, We Wish You Could Have Been There.

We’re proud to share that EBCLC was selected as one of seven community organizations across the Bay to receive funding to work with our local jurisdiction in creating and implementing equitable, innovative housing policy. We’ll channel this investment to build on our five years of legal and policy research, regional coalition-building, and partnerships with community organizations and with the City of Berkeley that’s helped us shape a Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act.