Clean Slate Clinic Student Reflection: Kate Mather

My experience at EBCLC reminded me why I wanted to become a lawyer.

Like many law students, I ended my 1L year craving something more. My classes were interesting, but I came to law school to help people. I didn’t feel like I was doing much of that while sitting in a classroom…

Consumer Justice Clinic Student Reflection: Stephanie Tilden

My experiences as a clinical student at EBCLC were the most meaningful, edifying, and enjoyable I have had at Berkeley Law. For four semesters, I was a member of the Consumer Justice Clinic. During this time, I was able to practice a great array of advocacy skills…

Housing Clinic Student Reflection: Emma Walters

When I decided to sign up for the EBCLC Housing Clinic, I did not imagine that we would be working in a global pandemic, fighting to reclaim our democracy in one of the most important presidential elections to date while witnessing one of the largest movements for racial justice…

“I Didn’t Think I Was a Priority”: EBCLC Releases Findings on Vaccinations Among Women of Color Clients

The East Bay Community Law Center welcomes the news that vaccines are now available to all Californians 16 years and over. We are committed to ensuring that 100% of our clients have meaningful access to COVID19 vaccines and are able to make an informed choice about their healthcare. As indicated in our 2021 inauguration statement, EBCLC aims to uplift whole communities by centering women of color. Not only have we borne the brunt of the COVID19 crisis, but we have also been the lifeline of families, neighborhoods, and the entire country during this pandemic.   

East Bay Community Law Center Endorses Student Demand for a Mandatory 1L Critical Race Theory Course at Berkeley Law

Dear Berkeley Law Curriculum Committee:

Thank you for the invitation to provide comments on how Berkeley Law’s curriculum might “better explore the ways in which law and the legal profession shape and are shaped by race, racism, and other hierarchies of power.”(1) The East Bay Community Law Center supports the students’ call to Berkeley Law to institute a 1L critical race theory course requirement.