Berkeley Pledges Support and Funding for Worker Co-ops

“We are fortunate in the East Bay that we are home to organizations like the Sustainable Economies Law Center and the East Bay Community Law Center that are advancing policies at the local, state and national level that promote economic justice and inclusive economic development,” said Klein of Berkeley’s Office of Economic Development.

Gay man claims bias at SJ Mexican Consulate

Rowe-Pasos’ immigration lawyer, Janely Mendoza with the East Bay Community Law Center, though not present at the consulate, confirmed that Rowe-Pasos had an original passport, driver’s license, green card, and marriage certificate. “He’s very diligent in reviewing everything that is required, and double checked with his attorney at the time that he took everything necessary,” Mendoza told the B.A.R.

U.S. Marshals Poised to Evict Oakland Tenants in Potentially Illegal Action

“I know of no authority that gives the U.S. government the ability to circumvent and ignore the application of Oakland’s Just Cause for Eviction ordinance as it attempts to remove these lawful occupants,” said Meghan Gordon, an attorney who is the director of the East Bay Community Law Center’s housing practice.

Alameda County Supervisors End Assessment of Criminal Justice Fees

Following the lead of San Francisco County’s June 2018 decision and building on more than two years of advocacy on the part of the East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC) and Debt Free Justice California coalition partners, Alameda County ceased the assessment and collection of fees for probation supervision, investigation reports, participation in the Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program, and many more fees that extract wealth from low-income communities of color. In past years, the average adult on probation in Alameda County has faced over $6,000 in fees. The new policy, along with the discharge of existing debt, will go into effect on January 4, 2019.

State Sen. Nancy Skinner introduces bill to offer legal aid for at-risk tenants

In introducing the bill, Skinner said she wanted to replicate the success of Keeping Oakland Housed, according to the press release.  Founded Oct. 15, Keeping Oakland Housed partners with Bay Area Community Services, Catholic Charities of the East Bay, and the East Bay Community Law Center to provide legal representation and financial assistance to Oakland residents.

Oakland shuts down encampment day after protest

The residents took that to mean that the city would not be moving forward with the closure until the meeting, and that there would be negotiation between the city and the residents regarding whether they could stay at the site. They were shocked when crews and police showed up Thursday afternoon to kick them out.  “It’s a flat-out betrayal,” said Osha Neumann of the East Bay Community Law Center.