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Stopped, Fined, Arrested: Racial Bias in Policing and Traffic Courts in California

Across the country, low-income people who commit minor offenses are saddled with fines, fees and penalties that pile up, driving them deeper into poverty. What’s worse, they are jailed for nonpayment, increasing the risk of losing their jobs or their homes

This report brings to light a disturbing truth that remains ever present in the lives of Californians: there are dramatic racial disparities in driver’s license suspensions and arrests related to unpaid traffic fines and fees.

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Released April 11, 2016

Not Just a Ferguson Problem: How Traffic Courts Drive Inequality in California

Not Just a Ferguson Problem outlines the many barriers to access that low-income people face in traffic court that lead to indefinite license suspension, and how the process perpetuates cycles of poverty that can be nearly impossible to escape.

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Released April 2015