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As the largest racial justice clinical legal education program in the Bay Area, EBCLC has trained thousands of social justice leaders to advocate for racial equity in our community. This year, EBCLC law students have played a critical role in implementing our holistic pandemic recovery plan, including:

    • Engaging in Movement Lawyering supporting African American and Latinx clients and organizers to get police out of schools and push for municipal budgeting that centers community health and safety;
    • Addressing the harms of mass incarceration, the War on Drugs, and racial profiling by vacating convictions and discharging criminal court fines and fees;
    • Innovating targeted strategies to diminish the burden of discriminatory immigration policies, including family separations, incarceration of children, and deportations and forced removals, all of which have been acutely borne by Central and South American immigrants;
    • Accounting for the legacy of redlining and the systemic impoverishment of generations of Black families by fighting racially disparate evictions and creating pathways to home-ownership.

In gratitude to EBCLC’s law students and in anticipation of the work ahead, the Law Center is proud to launch our Back to School campaign.  

We are calling on our clinical alumni and law firm partners to help us ensure the success of this rising generation of public interest advocates. Today’s EBCLC students will be tomorrow’s legal leaders, and with your support, we can equip them with the tools to lead our communities out of this crisis. Click here to give today.

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