Bethany Balchunas (Berkeley Law ’21)

Fall 2019 Consumer Justice and Spring 2021 Housing Clinical Student

Bethany started with CJC during her 1L summer, and we were lucky enough that she stayed with us for the following academic year. Bethany brought her brilliance, compassion, and love of Taco Bell to all of the amazing work she did with us. Of note, she diligently worked on our two big affirmative litigation cases, and contributed boatloads to this work and quickened the PACE at which we’ll get relief for our clients. Thanks to Bethany’s skillful advocacy, she helped countless clients avoid being saddled by crushing debt. She’ll be an amazing lawyer and we’re lucky to say she had her beginnings with us.

–Elizabeth Deucher, Consumer Justice Clinic


Bethany has been a delight to work with. She is upbeat, zealous, caring, and sharply analytical. She has sophisticated client communication skills, strong rapport with clients, and is skilled in settlement negotiations. Over time, Bethany has honed her critical analysis skills–moving from the oft-engaged binary of assessing a case’s strongest versus weakest arguments to acutely discerning which specific arguments are most relevant to a case and why. Bethany became skilled in addressing the weakest legal arguments head-on and first. She prepared and endured multiple moots (practice sessions) of a very tough oral argument and showed great ability to think on her feet–better than many a practicing attorney. Bethany also prepared a well-researched responsive letter trouncing an opposing counsel’s arguments and utilizing his own lazily-cited case law against him. Bethany will excel wherever she goes, especially after emerging from her post-grad clerkships with even more sophisticated legal analysis and writing skills!

– Zoe Brown, Housing Clinic

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