Brandon Ayersman (Berkeley Law ’21)

 Spring 2020 Health & Welfare Clinical Student

Brandon took on a wide variety of cases in the Health & Welfare clinic, providing wraparound, creative support for his clients. He was not satisfied with public benefits and housing habitability advocacy, and knowing how difficult it is for many clients to afford necessities, he would take time to help a client gather identity documents, research programs to reduce home utility costs, access lists of available housing, and navigate towards greater financial independence. While his semester was a whirlwind of activity with an array of holistic casework, law school obligations, volunteering, job interviews, and flying across the country to support his loved ones, he often brought a calming and positive energy that made the moment lighter for his colleagues and helped him build trust and relationships essential to being the best possible advocate. Thank you, Brandon, for bringing your compassion and enthusiasm to this work; we know it will take you far.

– Nora Wilson, Health & Welfare Clinic

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