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Job Announcement: Staff Attorney/Clinical Supervisor – Clean Slate Practice

Monday, May 11, 2020 |

About the East Bay Community Law Center Clean Slate Practice

The Clean Slate Practice of the East Bay Community Law Center uses strategic legal and policy tools to reduce pathways to the criminal justice system and remove barriers to employment and civic participation for people with conviction records. Clean Slate attorneys and advocates provide assistance to clients in the following areas:

Record Remedies:

  • Post-Conviction Remedies (including early termination of probation, PC 1203.4 dismissals, Felony reductions including Prop 47 and Prop 64 Petitions)
  • Sealing of Arrest Record—Factual Innocence
  • Vacating Convictions for Survivors of Human Trafficking and Immigrants
  • Employment Denials Due to Criminal Background
  • Occupational Licensing Denials Due to Criminal Background (ex: DSS, Security Guard, CNA, etc.)

Decriminalization of Poverty Project (DCOPP)

  • Assistance for people who have been accused of offenses involving driving
  • Driver’s License Suspensions
  • Reduction and Discharge of Court Fines and Fees (e.g., traffic tickets, criminal court debt)
  • Reduction and Discharge of predatory municipal debt (e.g., parking tickets, towing fees)


  • Defense of the Civil and Human Rights of People Experiencing Homelessness


EBCLC is a non-profit legal services organization and the community-based clinical program for Berkeley Law School. We are committed to increasing justice through education and advocacy, as well as building a culturally diverse workplace centered on equity.

With over 70 staff, 150 law students, and an $8 Million annual budget, EBCLC is the largest provider of free legal advocacy in Alameda County, providing multimodal, collaborative, and holistic legal services to over 5,000 clients yearly. EBCLC supports is ground-level legal advocacy through legislative and policy advocacy at the local and state level.

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Job Announcement: Development Director

Thursday, March 19, 2020 |

Who We Are:

The East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC) is one of the Bay Area’s largest and most effective systems disrupters. We are committed to providing impactful, holistic legal services, policy work, and litigation strategies across five program areas: Housing, Economic Security & Opportunity, Immigration, Health & Welfare, and Education Defense & Justice for Youth. We partner with Berkeley Law School to reject the legal status quo and to reimagine justice for our clients.

EBCLC recognizes that the impact and explicit racialized language being used by those at the highest levels of the U.S. government has a direct impact on people at the intersection of multiple oppressions. Thus, we have deepened our commitment to real security, equity, and belonging; through schools that allow children to feel safe and thrive, meaningful work opportunities, and relief from displacement, deportation, poverty, and debt. EBCLC strives to create a workplace that values dignity and equity for staff, students, and community partners.

It is an exciting time to join EBCLC. We see cities and communities across the country adopt policies launched by EBCLC.

These policies include the elimination of criminal fees and fines, the protection of constitutional rights of unhoused people and the implementation of ordinances providing tenants the first offer and right of refusal of property they live in before it goes on the market.

We recently celebrated 30 years of movement building, policy advocacy, and legal education. Our new Executive Director is excited to partner with a Director of Development invested in systems change to create the organizational vision and planning for EBCLC’s next chapter.

What Will You Do?

EBCLC seeks a Director of Development (DD) with skills and expertise to lead the development and implementation of a multi-faceted resource development plan. They oversee a comprehensive fund development program in support of a $9million annual budget, which is funded by government contracts, foundations, legal fees, individual donors, and UC Berkeley Law School.

The DD is a relationship and capacity-builder with staff and funders and provides strategic advice to the organization’s leadership.

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