Chet Broberg (Berkeley Law ’21)

Fall 2019 Education Defense & Justice for Youth Clinical Student

Chet was a force in clinic. Enthusiastic and eager to learn, Chet was game for anything and everything clinic threw his way. No matter how seemingly consequential or inconsequential the task, Chet always approached his work with an unswerving sense of purpose and dedication. A quick study and a natural leader, Chet deftly absorbed new information and ably managed other clinic students and staff. Chet actively sought out opportunities to put theory into practice and had an impressive ability to keep his teams focused on common goals. Perhaps even more striking, though, was the genuine concern Chet had for all of his clients. Even when unexpected twists and turns would arise in his cases, Chet’s focus never wavered from the best interests of his clients. Chet’s natural predisposition to throw himself into new situations and tackle new responsibilities is something that all of his clients—both former and future ones—have and will immensely benefit from.

– Tony Cheng, Education Defense & Justice for Youth Clinic

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