Legislation Directory This directory contains state and local resources about Assembly Bill 1869 and Assembly Bill 177 for people with criminal administrative fees in California. AB 1869 AB 1869 eliminated 23 criminal administrative fees effective July 1, 2021. Materials AB 1869 Flyer (English) AB 1869 Flyer (Spanish) AB 1869  Flyer (Korean) AB 1869 Flyer (Vietnamese)  […]

DFJC Statement on Budget Deal

DFJC Statement on Budget Deal Debt Free Justice California came together as a coalition in 2018 to end the unjust, racist practices the criminal legal system uses to extract money and wealth from California’s most marginalized communities. Our priority has been to pass legislation to abolish the over 90 administrative fees within the state’s legal […]


Resource Directory Below, you can find a list of organizations and directories of resources across the state. Please note this is not an exhaustive list and will be updated as more resources and services become available. Statewide Root & Rebound Hotline (Fridays 9-5PM PST) 510-279-4662 Alameda County Clean Slate Clinic, East Bay Community Law Center […]

Support Our Bill

Want to support Debt Free Justice in California? Submit a letter of support for our bill! SB 144 (Mitchell) will end the assessment and collection of administrative fees imposed against people in the criminal justice system, and expunge all previously assessed related debt. Click here for a link to the bill factsheet. Click here for a sample letter of […]

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News from the Campaign: For media inquiries, contact news@ebclc.org. 6/27/22  Statement on the Budget Agreement to Eliminate Civil Assessment Debt and Maintain Fees at $100 9/27/21  Statement on the signing of AB177 9/10/21  Debt Free Justice California’s Statement on Budget Deal  2/18/21 Senator Steven Bradford Introduces SB 586 to Abolish Unjust Fees and Pursue Debt […]

Call to Action

Were you charged unaffordable fines and fees because of an arrest or criminal conviction? Turn your experience into action and join the fight to end criminal administrative fees! People leaving the criminal justice system are often charged thousands of dollars in fees to cover the cost of government activities, including for probation supervision, electronic monitoring, […]


The old adage is that numbers don’t lie. The work of this coalition is steeped not only in community, but also in research. The reports below give a glimpse into the various ways in which the criminal legal system – and the collections practices that fuel it – harm impacted communities. Community education for those […]


People closest to the problem should be seen as experts on the proposed solutions. The testimonies below are the real life experiences of impacted people, detailing their experiences in their own voices. Unfiltered. These voices are the ones that are often silenced or muffled in discussions about economics, politics and policy. These are the voices […]

Policy Platform

Summary Existing law imposes administrative fees on people who have served their sentence and are striving to move forward. These fees – for things like probation supervision, presentence investigations, and drug and alcohol testing – are charged on top of other costs and can quickly mount to thousands of dollars. Because of racial bias in […]