Why I Support Clean Slate

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Candace Neal
Associate, Reed Smith
Clean Slate Alum, Berkeley Law ’12

“I support Clean Slate because the people of Alameda County deserve a chance to choose again. Clean Slate’s work helps to open new doors and breathes life into new dreams.”




Julia Van de Walle
Associate, Gunderson Dettmer
Clean Slate Alum, Berkeley Law ’11

“I support Clean Slate because I believe in allowing people the freedom to change and define their own destiny. Our community deserves an opportunity to build a better, more inclusive future.”




Mark Feeser
Mark R. Feeser – Attorney at Law
Clean Slate Alum, Berkeley Law ’07

“I support Clean Slate because everyone deserves a second chance, especially in the context of a criminal justice system that disproportionately impacts individuals based on socioeconomic status or race.  Clean Slate is on the front lines of this critical civil rights issue.”



CleanSlate_MsheenMike Sheen
Associate, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP
Clean Slate Alum, Berkeley Law ‘12

“The Clean Slate Program delivers truly concrete and tangible results for people with criminal records.  Through direct legal services and policy advocacy, the program ensures people get the second chance they deserve.”



CLeanSLate_S.-Heller-photoShana Heller
Judicial Law Clerk
Clean Slate Alum, Berkeley Law ’14

“I support Clean Slate because the Clean Slate Practice attorneys, paralegals, law students, and volunteers are dedicated to removing the legal barriers that individuals with criminal records face in their daily lives. They help to provide the second chance that their clients deserve.”




Scott Vignos
Associate Director of Admission & Outreach, UC Davis School of Law
Clean Slate Alum, UC Davis Law ‘11

“The Clean Slate practice at EBCLC is a vital resource. It’s the second chance that so many residents of Alameda County need and deserve to ensure that our communities can continue to thrive and improve.”



EBCLC_APaulyAlex Pauley
Contra Costa County Office of the Public Defender
Clean Slate Alum, UCLA Law ’13

“As a young public defender, I see firsthand how people’s lives are affected by having a criminal conviction and I understand how vital Clean Slate’s services really are. I am proud to support Clean Slate as they continue to serve the community and provide essential legal services to formerly incarcerated individuals.”


CLeanSlate_S.-Asiyanbi-photoSamson Asiyanbi
Associate, Hogan Lovells
Clean Slate Alum, Berkeley Law ’08

“While a clinic student, Clean Slate forced me to confront the needs in my own backyard, and I remain committed to that cause because it is necessary and Clean Slate’s work is impactful. Clean Slate is providing the opportunities for people to regain their footing and restore their lives. This is great for the clients served, for their families, and for their community. With my support and yours, Clean Slate could reach more people and help restore more lives.”





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