Aimee Trujillo (Berkeley Law ’20/EBCLC)

Fall 2018 Immigration Clinical Student

Aimee is the co-worker you want on your team. I was always impressed by her compassion and tireless advocacy. In the clinic, Aimee conducted several consultations with prospective clients and on several instances had the difficult task of communicating either that the client did not have a viable form of relief, or that the clinic did not have the capacity to take on the case. For every consultation, Aimee made sure to give the prospective client personalized referrals and followed up with warm referrals where possible. She ensured the clients understood their legal rights and did not rush the process.

Aimee did not shy away from challenging situations. When a short timeline came up last minute on a difficult defensive removal case, Aimee stepped up to help. Aimee worked seamlessly with the client, a paralegal, a social worker, and her supervisor to prepare the case for court in a short eight weeks. She increased her clinic hours to meet the court filing deadlines while balancing being a compassionate and patient advocate. Aimee pitched in no matter how demanding or mundane the task, including calling homeless shelters and seeking social services for her transgender and HIV+ client. This kind of tenacity combined with her creative thinking and sound legal research led to a grant of withholding of removal in this case.

– Immigration Clinic

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