Gayne Kalustian (Berkeley Law ’20/EBCLC)

Fall 2018 Health and Welfare Clinical Student

Gayne is a fierce and tireless advocate. In one disability benefits case, she represented a young adult with physical and mental illnesses. Gayne pored over medical records, researched the law, and ultimately changed the course of our advocacy, as she determined that her client’s case would be stronger if we pursued mental health arguments in spite of his numerous physical health issues. Gayne wrote a pre-hearing brief, prepared an opening statement and direct and cross-examinations, and represented the client at his SSI hearing. After winning the SSI hearing case, she continued to help the family navigate a web of unrelated SSI issues, and even volunteered in our clinic after her internship was over to continue to assist the family. She also constructively pushed EBCLC’s Health and Welfare Practice to consider how we might improve our own client services and student trainings to more effectively center the experiences of those most impacted by the conditions we seek to alleviate.

– Health and Welfare Clinic

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