Janani Ramachandran (Berkeley Law ’20/EBCLC)

Fall 2018 Housing Clinical Student

Janani came to law school and to EBCLC with a strong social work background. During her time in the Housing clinic, Janani displayed a strong moral compass and an acute social justice lens that informed her work and her client representation. She did not shy away from asking the difficult questions that underlie the work that EBCLC’s Housing Clinic does, including representing clients of color in eviction cases that involve landlords from those same communities. It was this critical eye, and constant focus on trying to better understand the nuances of pursuing and achieving housing justice within the broader context of systemic racism that set Janani apart in her work. She also brought a a strong presence to her courtroom appearances, treaded carefully and compassionately in each of her client interactions (the way client-centered lawyers should), and passionately advocated on behalf of her clients.

– Housing Clinic

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