Jenna Zhang (Berkeley Law ’20/EBCLC)

Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 Consumer Justice Clinical Student

Jenna worked tirelessly for her clients and it’s not surprising that all of her cases had happy endings. Whether her client was being pursued by an original creditor or a debt buyer, whether the debt was from 2008 or 2018, or whether the debt belonged to the client or resulted from ID theft, she successfully managed to get the debt discharged. And it wasn’t because she took easy cases. Jenna filed a lawsuit for one client whose case involved sympathetic facts but only novel legal theories. While the case outlasted Jenna, her client received significantly more than her actual damages in large part due to Jenna’s legal work and the hard line bargaining she did from the start. However, while Jenna took her cases and her clients’ needs seriously, she never took herself seriously and was an absolute pleasure to have as an integral part of our team.

– Consumer Justice Clinic

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