Julia Hirata (Berkeley Law ’20/EBCLC)

Spring 2019 Education, Defense & Justice for Youth: Education Advocacy Clinical Student

I truly enjoyed working with Julia in the Clinic and as her independent research advisor. Julia’s experience as a teacher enabled her to connect with her young clients and build rapport with them very quickly. For example, she worked with a young girl who had recently been found eligible for special education services because of a cognitive disability. Julia understood that in order to communicate well with that client, she had to be thoughtful about making information easily accessible, so she took steps to identify her client’s preferred mode of communication—texting. Because of Julia’s great communication skills, her client returned to school with the therapeutic services she needed to be successful. In addition, Julia was not afraid to tackle challenging legal and ethical issues, and always had a positive attitude. Julia was incredibly responsive, hardworking and responsible. It was clear that she truly enjoyed the work and brought all of her amazing talent and energy every day.

Education, Defense & Justice for Youth: Education Advocacy Clinic

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