Kevin Walters (Berkeley Law ’20/EBCLC)

2018 Summer Consumer Justice Clinical Student

Kevin is the man of a thousand talents. He has spent many semesters at EBCLC, and has worked with multiple EBCLC clinics. Whether it was helping clients with their consumer issues, assisting the homeless population, doing a deep dive into the criminal justice system with Clean Slate, or stepping up to help tenants with our Housing clinic, Kevin did it all because he knows the value of holistic services. Kevin has a heart of gold, along with the mind and experience to realize his intentions. .

Consumer Justice Clinic


Spring 2020 Housing Clinical Student

Kevin is genuinely committed to assisting the most marginalized on our community. He quickly gained the trust of clients. Often times clients want to “speak to the attorney,” but with Kevin they would freely call him first to discuss their case. Kevin really shined when he was interacting with people and is genuinely concerned about each and every client. His commitment was not just about earning credit hours or getting class credit, as even outside of this clinic, he spends time providing mutual aid and advocacy to unhoused individuals and others who are marginalized. Thank you Kevin and I look forward to learning how you use your skills moving forward to help those who are marginalized!

– Housing Clinic


In addition to working with the Consumer Justice Clinic and Housing Clinic, Kevin also participated in EBCLC’s Clean Slate Clinic

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