Lexi Heller (Berkeley Law ’20/EBCLC)

Spring 2020 Education, Defense & Justice for Youth: Youth Defender Clinical Student

If ever a person had a single word that perfectly described themselves, that word for Lexi would be unflappable. Absolutely unflappable. No matter how tense or demanding the situation – whether navigating a contentious court hearing, honing her advocacy skills for an audience of fellow clinical students and their supervising attorneys, or deftly reassuring a client who had literally just been abandoned by his mother – Lexi unfailingly rose to the occasion with skill and aplomb, with the confidence and poise of a seasoned practitioner. Always eager to take on new projects and challenges, she was never deterred by the unfamiliarity of a new task or the complexity of a novel issue. Lexi’s fearlessness, her insatiable curiosity and her willingness to take risks will all serve her well, no matter where her considerable talents may take her.

– Education, Defense & Justice for Youth: Youth Defender Clinic

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