Megan Wang (Berkeley Law ’20/EBCLC)

Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019,  and Spring 2020 Clean Slate Clinical Student

Megan Wang has asked me to “roast” her in these graduation remarks, but, as Megan’s supervisor, I have decided to take this time to make her uncomfortable by sharing the truth: Megan is brilliant, sharp, compassionate, and hilarious — a true champion of racial and social justice. Megan worked as a Clean Slate student for nearly two years, and I had the pleasure of staffing Clean Slate’s Traffic Clinic with her during her entire 3L year. Megan approached her work in Clinic with genuine interest in the substantive legal issues and with clear care and concern for our clients. She became our in-clinic expert in post-conviction DUI advocacy in license suspension issues, an incredibly complex and frustrating area of law. She was an asset to me, other students, and to our clients. I look forward to watching her career take off.

Clean Slate Clinic

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