Safa Ansari-Bayegan (Berkeley Law ’20/EBCLC)

Fall 2018  Education, Defense & Justice for Youth (EDJY): Education Advocacy Clinical Student

Safa was a fierce defender of her young clients and brought a remarkable level of insight and compassion to her advocacy in the Education Advocacy Clinic. She intuitively understood the need to disrupt processes that operated to criminalize her clients and knew how to “shift the narrative” when it came to talking about their unmet learning needs. In one of her cases, she represented a client facing expulsion from his school district after he allegedly threatened to fight another student. Thanks to Safa’s skillful advocacy in multiple emotionally-charged meetings with the district, her client was not expelled, his suspension was expunged, and he is now back in school making progress toward obtaining his high school diploma.

– Education, Defense & Justice for Youth: Education Advocacy Clinic

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