Sarah Pike (Berkeley Law ’20/EBCLC)

Spring 2019 Consumer Justice Clinical Student

Sarah regularly helped clients achieve exceptional results in cases where prospects were dim. She always took time to learn the totality of what clients were facing, facilitated identifying the priority issue (aggressive debt collector, overwhelming bail bond), and then helped clients learn about and forcefully assert their rights. Sarah builds trust easily, a superpower quite useful in her advocacy. She convinced original creditors that their cases lacked merit and got evictions masked and removed from credit reports. But she also took the time to find out that a client was seeking custody of her grandchildren, while trying to advocate for their rights around learning disability accommodations in school, and then collaborated with other practices for resources to present to the client. It’s no surprise that her clients asked after her long after her time in clinic and were overjoyed when they ran into her in the street, or at the local falafel shop.

Consumer Justice Clinic

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