At EBCLC, we witness daily the ways in which our clients’ lives are entangled in laws that can help or harm.  New tenant protection ordinances can help prevent illegal evictions in a time of epidemic displacement.  New taxes on “big soda” can provide resources for health programs and schools.  Reducing over-reliance on incarceration can keep young people out of prison or help them reenter their communities successfully after youthful mistakes.  School bonds can improve our public schools.  In very real ways, these choices impact our clients’ and communities’ options and opportunities.  It is for these reasons that we encourage you all to vote on November 8th, 2016.


The deadline to register to vote is October 24, 2016! You may register to vote online at: or at the Department of Motor Vehicles, local library, or U.S. post office.

Check out EBCLC’s Voter Eligibility Fact Sheet here

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