Emily Avazian (Berkeley Law ’21)

Summer 2019 and Spring 2021 Health & Welfare Clinical Student

We are grateful to have worked with Emily in Health & Welfare for two semesters. During her first semester, she dove headfirst into the deep end, receiving a crash course in the complex world of Social Security disability, preparing a case for hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ), and representing her client before the judge–all in a little over a month. Although it was Emily’s first time before an ALJ and her client had not been available to meet with her to prepare before the hearing, they won the case on the spot. Her diligence in achieving this was second to none. This semester, Emily prepared a hearing in record time, arguing for the State to provide services for her young client. Her client’s mother had been forced to leave her job due to her child’s needs, causing difficulty for the family to make ends meet. Emily’s dedication across a variety of cases has been remarkable.

– Nora Wilson & Erin Le, Health & Welfare Clinic

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