Emma Germer (CSU East Bay Department of Social Work ‘21)

2019-2020 Social Work and Education Defense & Justice for Youth Clinical Student

Emma embodied the essence of what it means to be a social justice advocate—centering her clients in everything she did in order to help them move their goals forward, while also pushing back, in subtle and not so subtle ways, on the systems that oppressed her young clients. Because of this, her clients and their families felt heard by Emma and trusted her at times where they trusted no one else, not even other members of their team at EBCLC. For example, when Emma’s young, disabled client was in crisis, she sought Emma out seeking safety and support—she knew that Emma would show up for her when she needed her most. Emma did show up then, and was there for her client consistently over the course of two semesters helping her navigate complex issues around her family, mental health, education, and juvenile legal involvement, and ultimately helping her find her voice.

– Whitney Rubenstein, Social Work Clinic

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