Franklin Munoz (Berkeley Law ’21)

Fall 2020 Community Economic Justice and Spring 2020 Clinical Student

Not only did Franklin exhibit talented skill sets on a variety of legal and policy matters during his time in CEJ, he notably pursued a reflective practice centered in continual growth and improvement for himself and the work at large as demonstrated in case round discussions, meetings, and periodic supervisor check-ins. Franklin’s care and compassion for his colleagues was evident and he effortlessly connected with clients and stakeholders through his empathic communication and accessible delivery of legal information. There is no doubt that Franklin’s future clients will be good hands – CEJ wishes you all the best and congratulations, Franklin!

– Hewot Shankute, Community Economic Justice Clinic



I see that you deeply care about the community we serve. We remember there was a case that really tested our ability to serve the community. You took on a difficult case in the fall of 2019. You spoke with Mr. M and his kids, interviewed witnesses, scheduled a home visit, and went down a legal research rabbit hole. At the end of this journey, there was a gem: a motion for summary judgment. Unfortunately, I told you that we could no longer represent Mr. M due to a conflict that had arisen during the litigation.

You were undeterred, drafting and finalizing the motion for Mr. M, as well as a short cheat sheet to guide Mr. M through his lawsuit. You then scheduled a meeting to meet with Mr. M and conducted that difficult meeting with kindness and with empathy.

This work is difficult and there are many moments where the law (and thus, a lawyer, too,) serves to hinder a tenant’s ability to stay housed. Law school does not prepare us to have a conversation with a client where we say, “Sorry, I can’t help you anymore.” You faced one of these difficulties as a student. And, you shined because of your heart and his compassion. Hold on to this. That isn’t really teachable, and we need more lawyers like you.

Congratulations on graduating, Franklin. I’ll see you around the bend.

– Pedro Viramontes, Housing Clinic

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