Hannah Braidman (Berkeley Law ’21)

Fall 2019 Clean Slate and Summer 2019 Housing Clinical Student

Hannah Braidman loves her clients with a rare fierceness, one that is truly all-encompassing. Working with Hannah, my most frequent criticism was to tell her to “pull back” her fiery advocacy letters and legal briefs–she believed so deeply in her clients, in their humanity, in their stories, so much so that she occasionally overstated their cases in written materials! To tell a funny story, one of Hannah’s clients once wrote to the Nobel Peace Prize Association to nominate her for the award, and while it remains to be seen whether Hannah will win (yet!), for a law student to be nominated by one’s client speaks volumes about the way in which she showed up and touched all of our hearts. Hannah is a kind and brilliant advocate; she is warm and open and sensitive–things I know that she will carry with her into her legal practice.

– Asher Waite-Jones, Clean Slate Clinic


Hannah brought something to housing that cannot be taught: compassion. She made time for her clients and spoke to them with incredible care and attention. Clients have come into the clinic in a panic, anxious and nervous about their cases. Hannah listened to them, allowed them to share their traumatic experiences, and alleviated their anxiety. Her clients trusted her with their cases because of this. Hannah has something you can’t teach in law school. Because of this gift, she has and will continue to be a great advocate.

– Hai Dao, Housing Clinic

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