Hope Goodman (Berkeley Law ’21)

Fall 2019 Education Defense & Justice for Youth Clinical Student

Hope was born to be a defender. Her steadfast dedication to social justice emanates from a deeply rooted awareness of equality and fairness that clearly informs how she approaches her work. In clinic, Hope was constantly attuned to discerning how unfair laws and policies operated to put her clients at a disadvantage—the utter disbelief she would often feel about the fundamental injustices facing her clients was almost tangible. Hope’s effectiveness as an advocate, however, stems not only from her ability to channel her inner moral authority, but also from her seeming-immunity to pressure. Even in the face of adversity, Hope always kept cool under fire, never seeming nervous or unsure of herself, either in or out of court. Her preternatural resilience, combined with her fierce sense of indignation, make Hope a force for justice with which to be reckoned.

– Tony Cheng, Education Defense & Justice for Youth Clinic


Read Hope Goodman’s Clinical Student Reflection here. 

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