Jerry Hill on PG&E and the North Bay Fires, Pregnant and Imprisoned, Plus: Berkeley Tent Encampment Eviction and California Traffic Tickets

Thursday, October 26, 2017

KPFA – UpFront

This morning, Senator Jerry Hill joins Brian for an interview about the potential negligence of PG&E in the North Bay areas most recently affected by deadly fires. Cat Brooks interviews Carolyn Sufrin about her book Jailcare and her work as an OBGYN inside of carceral facilities. She discusses the rights and violation of rights for pregnant, incarcerated women. An encampment of folks experiencing homelessness, located near Berkeley’s Ashby Bart, was served an eviction notice by BART police earlier this week. UpFront reports on the eviction process and the temporary restraining order issued on behalf of the group ‘First They Came For the Homeless” based out of the Ashby encampment. Additionally, UpFront speaks with Theresa Zhen, Staff Attorney at the Clean Slate Practice of the East Bay Community Law Center and member of the Back on the Road California Coalition, which fights for traffic court reform. She is also a co-author of Ability to Pay Implementation in Traffic Court: A Toolkit for Advocates. Theresa tells us about ways to get your traffic tickets expunged.

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Listen to the interview here (Theresa’s Interview Begins at 1:22:10)

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