Study: GPS rules send California juveniles into jail cycle

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Business Insider – By Michael Balsamo, Associated Press

LOS ANGELES — Counties’ overly stringent and varied GPS tracking policies are cycling California juvenile offenders back behind bars for minor infractions, according to a new report.

Rules for juveniles who wear GPS monitors were “unrealistically onerous,” and “undermine the rehabilitative purpose of the juvenile justice system,” said researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and the East Bay Community Law Center in a report released Wednesday.

After juveniles are accused of committing crimes, a judge can choose to sentence them to serve time in a juvenile detention facility or require them to wear GPS ankle monitor and abide by a set of rules set by probation officials. Because there are no statewide policies in place, it is left to individual counties to establish the rules for juvenile probationers.

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