Jennifer Morales (CSU East Bay Department of Social Work ‘21)

2019-2020 Social Work and Immigration Clinical Student

Jennifer quickly became a vital member of both the Immigration and Social Work Practices at EBCLC. She persistently advocated for clients in both English and Spanish. Jennifer successfully implemented interventions to help our clients enhance their capacities to cope with the anxiety that being undocumented under the previous administration created; she also helped clients secure medical, mental health, educational, housing, and other services. She regularly collaborated with law students, lawyers, interpreters, medical care providers, mental health providers, community organizations, and both local and international government organizations to ensure that her clients achieved both their legal and non-legal goals. As a Latinx bilingual social worker, Jennifer was able to approach the work with cultural humility, engage clients in their native language, and build collaborative and empowering relationships with clients and their families.

– Wendy Hernandez, Social Work Clinic

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