Jose Luis Ramos (Berkeley Law ’21)

Fall 2019 Health & Welfare Clinical Student

Luis brought a deep curiosity and indomitable positive energy to all he undertook while with the Health & Welfare Practice. His openness to learning and respect and admiration for the community members he assisted were clear, and traits that are all too rare in practicing attorneys. He spent much time in direct contact with clients, meeting with them at Social Security for hours, talking with them to help clarify confusing notices they’d received in the mail, reviewing their finances to make sure they had access to every supportive program possible, and notably, helping several clients document and fight for their landlords to remedy serious habitability concerns. Luis made his appreciation for the gravity of the work known. Jose brings an intellectual rigor to the work that he uses not only to contextualize his client’s struggle in the systems of oppression, but also to turn a reflective lens on how our advocacy can exist as a part of and even reinforce these systems. Jose doesn’t just ask “what should I do?”, but also asks “why should I do it this way?” This well-honed ability at self-reflection is centered in the empathy he feels for his clients and will serve him well in his career. We know these values will take you far, Luis!

– Liam Galbreth, Health & Welfare Clinic

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