Joshua Nomkin (Berkeley Law ’21)

Fall 2019 Education Defense & Justice for Youth Clinical Student

Josh was very intentional about reflecting on his practice and always strived to be a better advocate. He was inquisitive and often asked questions that addressed immediate needs of his clients, but that were also meant to set him up for future success as a public interest lawyer. He had an eye for the systemic issues that impacted his clients and was thoughtful about whether and how to discuss such issues with them. He was able to navigate challenging situations and achieved successful outcomes for all of his clients. But just as importantly, Josh was a quiet leader in clinic. He was someone that other students turned to for help. He also went out of his way to create a space for him and his peers to build a community with each other, which in turn created an open and safe learning environment.

– Oscar Daniel Lopez, Education Defense & Justice for Youth Clinic

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