Established 33 years ago, the East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC) is honored to celebrate our next chapter as a Black and women-of-color led and centered organization with “Know Justice, Know Peace” Our Vision for Community Health. This mural is our gift to South Berkeley to honor the neighborhood’s history as a stronghold of thriving Black communities. “Know Justice, Know Peace” also serves as a reflection of our core constituency, Black and Brown women, who have always been the foundation of our families, communities, and economy. We hope to inspire resiliency and joy as we strengthen our commitment to racial and economic justice and holistic community healing amid a global pandemic and in the aftermath of the U.S.’s largest civil rights movement.

“It is EBCLC’s privilege and responsibility to center the dignity and power of Women of Color. Our vision, our leadership, our staff, and, now, our home represent this investment.”  

– Zoë Polk, Executive Director 

View more images of “Know Justice, Know Peace”  Our Vision for Community Health


Advancing Racial Justice Through Art

EBCLC’s Women of Color-Centered Platform

EBCLC reflects the values of our  Women of Color-Centered Platform and the power-building we have worked on the past year. We are led by women of color who are deeply committed to our communities of color and our work.


EBCLC Reflects on Community Advocacy During COVID-19

Over the past year, despite our physical doors being closed, we’ve added 10 new staff members to meet the changing needs of our clients. Read more about how COVID-19 has shaped their experience providing critical crisis relief services to our community here.








Meet The Artist

Learn more about the mural’s artist, Anavictoria Avila, and how her theme of “Displacement” inspired the mural’s vision and imagery.

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