Lee Ann Felder-Heim (Berkeley Law ’21)

Fall 2019 Health & Welfare Clinical Student

Lee Ann is very personable and down to earth. Her clients enjoyed working with her. Lee Ann helped ensure that her clients understood the processes before them and that they could make the most informed decision possible. She had a high capacity for compassion and was incredibly driven. For example, Lee Ann helped a transgender woman who had been unlawfully denied facial feminization surgery to treat her gender dysphoria by her Medi-Cal managed care plan. The plan illegally denied all transgender patients this type of surgery, when the plan should have assessed requests on a case-by-case basis. Lee Ann assisted her client to appeal the denial and challenge the plan. EBCLC ultimately succeeded in getting the client’s denial overturned and received notice from the Department of Managed Health Care that the portion of the plan that we appealed was illegal. Any client who receives help from Lee Ann is lucky to have her in their corner.

– Daniel Faessler, Health & Welfare Clinic


Read Lee Ann Felder-Heim’s Clinical Student Reflection here. 

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