Lindsey McDonald (Berkeley Law ’21)

Spring 2021 Education Defense & Justice for Youth Clinical Student

Lindsey’s work is a great illustration of how to make the best out of an impossible situation. During her semester, Lindsey’s clients were often presented with two equally bad options. However, rather than merely accepting those limited options, Lindsey researched innovative ways that would truly meet the needs and desires of her clients. But that was only the first of many obstacles Lindsey would have to overcome. In preparation for one meeting, Lindsey devised a strategy to ensure that her client would receive the academic support she needed in school. However, only a few minutes into that meeting, the key witness left, even after being informed that her early departure violated the student’s rights. While not ideal, Lindsey adjusted her strategy and continued to build a strong case for her client. Her composure and nimbleness during these challenging moments will be a great asset to her future clients.

– Oscar Daniel Lopez, Education Defense & Justice for Youth Clinic

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