Lucia Childs-Walker (Berkeley Law ’21)

Summer 2019 Clean Slate and Spring 2020 Housing Clinical Student

Lucia was my first ever clinical law student at EBCLC, during my first semester as a Clinical Supervisor. As a brand new Supervisor and the sole attorney practicing in the Decriminalization of Poverty Unit in Clean Slate, I relied heavily on Lucia to provide excellent services to my clients. Lucia’s tenacity, quick thinking, and earnest love of justice work provided necessary support both to her clients and to me as her supervisor. Even now, two years later, her clients still ask to speak with her — the only reason that they are not disappointed to speak with me instead is that most of them confuse us for one another. 🙂 Thank you for everything, Lucia!

– Asher Waite-Jones, Clean Slate Clinic


Lucia is both a kind soul and a fierce advocate in the making. She genuinely connected with EBCLC’s clients, so much so that many clients were sad to learn that her appointment with the clinic was ending. Lucia worked with the Housing Unit for two semesters, and toward the end she was deftly picking up cases, independently devising comprehensive game plans, communicating with clients and opposing counsel on the cases on her own, and doing so with only minimal supervision–the kind a senior associate might afford a new law firm associate. I was particularly impressed with Lucia’s critical analysis of Federal affordable housing laws as they presented in a criminal nuisance case. Not only did Lucia analyze and rank our arguments in order of strength, she also identified what evidence we would need to support those arguments. Then, on her own, Lucia set out to gather the necessary evidence from the client and draft a mini-brief to opposing counsel. Her competence and confidence was well-recognized by opposing attorneys, who treated this clinical law student as a peer. I cannot wait to see where Lucia’s path takes her.

– Zoe Brown, Housing Clinic

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