Maisie Ide (Berkeley Law ’21)

Spring 2021 Education Defense & Justice for Youth Clinical Student

Maisie’s ability to empathize with her clients made her an effective advocate in the face of difficult circumstances. Maisie joined us nearly a year after the COVID-19 pandemic began, at a point when many young people had entirely stopped attending school or didn’t want to return to school at all. This situation made client representation very difficult, but Maisie was steadfast in her advocacy for her clients. She understood that her clients were still entitled to be well-informed and to make decisions for themselves. She presented them with their educational options, even if those options likely wouldn’t be very appealing to them, and ultimately respected whatever decisions her clients made. Her patience and understanding also allowed her to effectively advocate for her clients with opposing counsel. These qualities will undoubtedly result in major professional successes for Maisie.

– Oscar Daniel Lopez, Education Defense & Justice for Youth Clinic

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