Mohsin Mirza (Berkeley Law ’21)

Spring 2021 Clean Slate Clinical Student

It has been a pleasure to work with Mohsin this semester.  Mohsin has shown remarkable dedication and compassion to EBCLC’s clients.  He has gone above and beyond to ensure that our clients’ stories are told accurately and humanely.  When Mohsin was tasked with arguing a motion in court on behalf of a client, he not only represented the client well but told the client’s story in a way that humanized him; all of this in a court environment that often does not look beyond a person’s criminal history.  The Judge and the District Attorney were both impressed with Mohsin’s level of advocacy.  Mohsin also helped draft declarations for multiple homeless folks who lost their possessions when Caltrans swept their encampments.  In doing this work, Mohsin displayed both skill and compassion toward the claimants, speaking with them mindfully about their traumatic experiences and relaying their stories thoughtfully and empathetically.  When I visited an encampment to follow-up, one client that Mohsin had served shared with me that she “really enjoyed speaking with Mohsin – and [I] really appreciated working with him.”  Mohsin also produced extremely helpful research regarding RV parking laws; it was because of his work product that EBCLC became aware of a specific municipal ordinance in Oregon that we hope to reference when advocating for similar protections here in California.  Mohsin has shown a great level of dedication, sincerity, commitment, and compassion to both EBCLC and his clients!

– Candy Smallwood, Clean Slate Clinic

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