Orren Arad-Neeman (Berkeley Law ’21)

Spring 2020 and Spring 2021 Consumer Justice Clinical Student

It’s hard to summarize Orren’s contribution to the Consumer Justice clinic over the past two years. Our clinic and our clients have all benefitted enormously from her tremendous research and writing skills, and perhaps even more so from her unyielding compassion and thoughtfulness. In one case of the dozens she handled, Orren had to help a client who came in near the end of the time period to challenge a Renewal of Judgment. The client needed to challenge the renewal because she had never been served with the underlying debt collection lawsuit, and only learned about it when she received the paperwork to renew the judgment. The client was very emotional, because by this time the judgment with interest was quite high, and she was certain that she did not owe the debt. This situation required several steps: informing the client about why challenging the renewal was the best way to proceed, helping the client uncover information about the alleged service of process, gathering evidence from nearly a decade prior to rebut the claimed service, and then researching and preparing all the necessary paperwork to challenge the renewal. All of this was complicated by how the narrative subtly changed over time. Despite the trying conditions and tight deadlines, Orren did a magnificent job on the motion, as well as the reply brief, and the court vacated the renewal of judgment, permanently relieving the client of this unjust burden.

– Kara Acevedo, Consumer Justice Clinic

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