Rachel Tanabe (Berkeley Law ’21)

Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Clean Slate Clinical Student

Throughout her three semesters in the Clean Slate Unit at EBCLC, Rachel Tanabe demonstrated brilliance, tenacity, kindness, and a genuine sense of fun and joy. From the very beginning of her tenure with Clean Slate, Rachel was an enormous asset to our very small team, taking on cases and participating in clinics in both Record Remedies and our Decriminalization of Poverty (DECOP) practices. As a second- and later third-semester returning student, Rachel took on the caseload of a senior attorney. She drafted numerous criminal motions, used as templates at EBCLC and throughout the state, engaged in cutting-edge litigation at the local and state levels, and took on a high-volume direct services caseload. Rachel’s legal brilliance is only matched by her kindness and generosity of spirit, particularly with her clients. Rachel worked with a young man who was very disengaged with our services. She managed to draw him in to engage with our work so well that he obtained both an early termination of probation and a dismissal of $2000 in outstanding fees. Rachel, thank you for everything!! I hope you will Accept This Final Rose from all of us at Clean Slate, as you move on to the next steps of your very bright career.

– Asher Waite-Jones, Clean Slate Clinic

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