Sela Brown (Berkeley Law ’21)

Spring 2020 Immigration Clinical Student

Working with Sela was just a delight. She was an exceptional student in every way, from the consistently high quality of her work, to her positive attitude and curiosity, to her active participation in all aspects of direct client work, legal strategizing, and the writing process. During our two semesters together, Sela worked on a wide array of matters, including crafting and articulating more than five different claims for asylum in her legal brief for the two parents of a family fleeing persecution in the northern triangle. Sela also cheerfully put in the late hours necessary to quickly turn around a brief in support of a motion to reconsider the denial of a client’s U visa (for victims of crimes), and prepared and was mooted for an appearance in immigration court, which was ultimately rendered unnecessary because the judge terminated proceedings (thereby giving Sela an authentic taste of the vicissitudes of immigration practice!). Throughout her time in clinic, Sela dedicated herself to ensuring her clients had their voices heard, and we are excited to see where she goes in the future!

– Sara Dunsky, Immigration Clinic


Read Sela Brown’s Clinical Student Reflection here. 

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