Snehee Khandeshi (Berkeley Law ’21)

Spring 2020 Housing Clinical Student

During the tumultuous year that was 2020, Snehee was a steadfast and dedicated advocate who performed brilliantly and compassionately no matter what the task. Whether she was drafting FAQs on a local eviction moratorium, demanding that the Sheriff’s Office postpone eviction lockouts during COVID, or screening Berkeley tenants for COVID rental assistance, Snehee provided unwavering support. I was impressed not only by her beautiful briefing on challenging legal topics, but also her enthusiasm and energy during a rollercoaster of a year. Shortly before the courts shut down due to shelter-in-place orders, Snehee passionately advocated for postponement of a jury trial for a Courthouse Clinic client who was HIV+. Despite having opposing counsel shout at her for standing up to his lies, Snehee persisted, and the tenant was able to obtain a continuance for their trial. After a flurry of policy advocacy and adjusting to remote direct services work (which is difficult enough even under normal circumstances), Snehee then went on to volunteer her time into the summer term. She then returned with more of her fierce advocacy the following semester. I greatly enjoyed working with Snehee on both a personal and professional level–I look forward to hearing more about her bird-watching and biking adventures, as well as where her passion will lead her.

– Evelina Nava, Housing Clinic

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