From Obama, Trump Will Inherit an Efficient Deportation Apparatus

Prerna Lal, an immigration attorney who works in the East Bay Community Law Center/UC Berkeley Undocumented Student Program who became one of the first undocumented lawyers in the US before gaining legal status, is hopeful that allies of the immigrant community will no longer be complacent when Trump takes office.

Undocumented immigrants face uncertainty in wake of Trump’s election

Valeska Castaneda can distinctly remember being pulled out of her preschool classroom after learning her mother was deported.[…]Now, Trump’s election has set off a wave of panic among Berkeley’s undocumented community. Now more than ever, Castaneda must confront fears about the safety of her immigrant family members and community.

Long-time Lawful Permanent Resident’s Deportation Order Devastates U.S. Citizen Wife and Children

Oakland-area man Chea Bou currently waits at a detention center in Texas to be deported to Cambodia, a country he fled as a refugee 35 years ago. If deported, he would leave behind a U.S. citizen wife and three U.S. citizen children, two of whom are minors. The Immigration Clinic has been working for the past year to help Chea Bou remain in the U.S. You can help too! Please sign this petition and forward it to your networks.