U.S. Marshals Poised to Evict Oakland Tenants in Potentially Illegal Action

“I know of no authority that gives the U.S. government the ability to circumvent and ignore the application of Oakland’s Just Cause for Eviction ordinance as it attempts to remove these lawful occupants,” said Meghan Gordon, an attorney who is the director of the East Bay Community Law Center’s housing practice.

Bay Area developer Haber touted, criticized at Oakland meeting

Melissa Colon, who works with the East Bay Community Law Center, said her organization has seen a lot of cases in Oakland and Berkeley of people with low incomes being driven out of their homes as landlords try to attract new tenants who they can charge more.

Interview: A look at tenant’s rights

With the recent rain we have had multiple reports of flooding, trees down and damage to homes.

We checked in with Meghan Gordon, housing attorney for the East Bay Community Law Center who says tenants have been dealing with mold as well as leaking from roofs and windows.

Tenant rights attorney discusses housing crisis behind Oakland “Ghost Ship” tragedy

On December 2, a warehouse in Oakland, California that was being rented out as artist studios burned down, killing 36 people, making it the worst building fire in the US since 2003. While a lot of the media has focused on the issue of artists moving into old industrial spaces, Lane explained that the problems with informal housing were much broader. “There are a lot of low-income people living in converted basements, and converted garages, and converted storage units,” she said.

Legal Clinic Combats Landlord Abuse in Oakland’s Chinatown

Laura Lane ’96 has represented low-income tenants in the East Bay for nearly 20 years. During all that time, she never saw a landlord go this far to drive out tenants as she did recently at a low-income residential hotel in Oakland’s Chinatown.

Don’t blacklist tenants for asserting rights

In 2015, Endia Cleveland – an Oakland native and mother – was hopeful that she and her family would soon have a new apartment to call home. She submitted more than 10 applications but was denied without explanation.


Berkeley: Suit to evict disabled senior dropped

A months-long effort to evict a quadriplegic senior from his South Berkeley apartment is over, after the management company apparently gave up. “Your eviction lawsuit is finally over,” attorney Meghan Gordon of the East Bay Community Law Center told tenant Michael Pachovas in a letter this month. “I will be closing your case at EBCLC because this matter has been settled,” she added.

Student Leads Effort to Protect Tenants Involved in Eviction Lawsuits

Fueled by the injustice he encountered as a student advocate, Phil Hernandez ’16 has turned a simple idea into a California bill to protect tenants involved in eviction lawsuits. While working with the Housing Program at the East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC), Hernandez assisted clients who suffered from what he calls “a big flaw in landlord-tenant law.”