Xiaolin Chen (Berkeley Law ’21)

Spring 2021 Clean Slate Clinical Student

Xiaolin Chen is warm, kind, and funny, a pleasure to supervise and a breath of fresh air for her clients in crisis. Xiaolin consistently went above and beyond in all of her work at EBCLC — she followed up with even our most cynical and escalated clients, collecting information, working on their cases methodically, and providing crucial legal support and a compassionate listening ear. Xiaolin balanced a high-volume direct client caseload with cutting-edge policy work. Xiaolin worked tirelessly throughout the semester, compiling a research memo on Automated Speed-Enforcement Cameras, racial bias, policing, and the surveillance state. She gathered data, interviewed advocates throughout the country, and thought critically about this complex issue. Xiaolin was a phenomenal asset to EBCLC’s Clean Slate Unit, to me as her supervisor, and to all of her very lucky clients. Thank you for everything, Xiaolin!!

– Asher Waite-Jones, Clean Slate Clinic

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