EBCLC’s direct legal service delivery and clinical education methodology tackles the many interrelated causes that contribute to injustice, in order to promote justice. Our holistic representation extends beyond simply assisting a client with a legal issue—instead, we ensure that all of our clients’ legal needs—however complex and far-reaching—are addressed.

Our education and outreach work has the broadest reach in the community and is an integral part of our multimodal approach to community lawyering. With limited-scope assistance, EBCLC attorneys and staff guide clients through complex legal systems and help create individualized road maps tailored to the issues at hand.

Informed by our direct services work with clients and community partners, we engage in policy advocacy at the local and state levels to ensure broad, long lasting impact. From drafting bills and supporting legislation to advising government agencies on key policy changes, we gather knowledge from our direct legal advocacy and apply it to systemic change.


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