What We Do

California is known for its commitment to equity and fairness. In opposition to these values, existing laws and practices within the criminal legal system continue to harm people of color and low-income communities. Our aim is to reduce the harm of the criminal legal system while also shrinking its reach and negative impact on individuals and families. Our current focus is to eliminate the harmful administrative and other criminal justice fees placed on people who have served their sentence, entangling them in a spiral of debt and creating massive barriers as they strive to move forward with their lives.

With a strong racial justice framework, our work is both data-driven and rooted in the voices and perspectives of those directly impacted. Our work includes conducting research, policy advocacy, and narrative change to mobilize the public and politicians to pass transformative legislation for people of color and low-income communities.

Coalition Facilitators:

East Bay Community Law Center and ACLU of Southern California

Steering Committee:

A New Way of Life
ACLU of Northern California
ACLU of Southern California
The Anti-Recidivism Coalition
Community Housing Partnership
East Bay Community Law Center
The Financial Justice Project
Homeboy Industries
Insight Center for Community Economic Development
Legal Services for Prisoners with Children
Western Center on Law & Poverty


The broader coalition is comprised of dozens of organizations throughout the state of California.