Were you charged unaffordable fines and fees because of an arrest or criminal conviction? Turn your experience into action and join the fight to end criminal administrative fees! People leaving the criminal justice system are often charged thousands of dollars in fees to cover the cost of government activities, including for probation supervision, electronic monitoring, booking, and public defender costs. But because most people who are charged these fees are low-income and trying to put their lives back together after a conviction, they simply cannot afford to pay them. To make matters worse, these fees disproportionately saddle people of color and women with overwhelming debt. These fees force struggling families to take money away from necessities and discourage re-entering people from seeking formal employment out of fear of having their wages garnished, bank accounts levied, or tax refunds intercepted.

How can I support the campaign?

Submit a letter of support for our bill! We make it easy right here.

Help us shape policy by sharing your experience and your ideas! Take our survey at tinyurl.com/finefeesurvey.

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at CaDebtJustice and share your support using #DebtFreeJustice.

Where can I get help with my fines and fees?

For resources on disputing a debt you can’t afford, visit tools.debtcollective.org. To find legal assistance for fines and fees in your area, visit ebclcdev.wpengine.com/reentry-legal-services.